Generate ideas & bring them to life.

At Thebe-Cher Agency, we have a passion for generating big ideas and bringing them to life.


Shape perceptions.

It’s our goal to shape perceptions and influence people.


Welcome to Thebe-Cher Agency. For your advertising and marketing needs.

The Thebe-Cher Agency caters to small and medium-sized businesses, assisting business owners with their advertising and marketing needs. At the Thebe-Cher Agency, we work to teach business owners how to approach advertising to make it work for every unique company. Let us apply our passions to help you generate big ideas and then make them happen. This approach to do-it-yourself marketing equips the business owner with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote services and products successfully.

All New Approach.


The Thebe-Cher Agency understands that small and medium-sized businesses often have limited budgets for advertising and marketing. Budgeting constraints need not have a negative impact on marketing, though. This situation simply demands creativity and precise planning to make every dollar work to its fullest potential.

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Old vs New.

At the Thebe-Cher Agency, we work to help small and medium-size business owners reach potential customers.

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Stay In Touch.

You can always contact us to find out more about our services and what we offer for your business.

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I contacted Thebe-Cher Agency for my business marketing needs and was all happy with they're team and quality of work.

Mark Seighard


Our business needed advertising to start earning at the maximum potential. We got all that with Thebe-Cher Agency.

Turner Family


I love the way the Thebe-Cher Agency woks with her clients. Did more than I thought and reached high results!

John Mercken